KARMA INK is the solution for a number of your creative needs. If you’re seeking graphic designer, web designer, web developer, or sketch artist, KARMA INK!® can help. Learning for a musician, film maker, video editor or Mac Pro, our team can help every step of the way. From our owner to team members, they have vast experience in design, printing, production, music creation, performing and recording. Utilizing that wide knowledge base, we are able to help clients quickly hone in on their project needs, plan, develop, create and deliver the creative goods in a timely manner.


Like any good flash back, it all began in the late ’90s. Company owner, Antonio Brazil, saw a shift in the creative industry and started the independent web design company called KARMA INK!®. Before the ink on the business papers was even dry, Antonio Brazil was then hired in 2000 by the president of LeAnn Rimes’ fan club, Rendee Bullard, to redesign LeAnn’s fanzine. Quick KARMA INK! Fact: Rendee is now one of Antonio Brazil’s business partner with GOGOME.ME. His work was quickly notice and he soon was asked to take over redesigning and managing LeAnn Rimes official website. (Yea, we know. Cool, right?)

During his four-year stint as webmaster, (and yes, we are bragging on our founder here), he won three awards for “Top Entertainment Website” by the BBC and an award for Design Excellence from Sony Japan. That led to Antonio being commissioned by Carlos Santana’s management team to submit artwork for consideration.

This beginning doesn’t end there. His work has also been featured in Country Weekly Magazine, on Entertainment Tonight and from there, it has been the skies the limits for KARMA INK!

The real question? How can we help you get started? Contact us to let us help you and your creative endeavors!


At KARMA INK! our team has a passion for designing and developing websites that put our client’s and their products in the spotlight.

We use various platforms including WordPress and Joomla as our CMS engine. Our team and knowledge base is forever growing to ensure we are able to provide top-notch design, development, implementation and support.

Check out some of our clients and their kickin’ sites!



Everyone needs a logo. It is your calling card. Tells all about you in a glance. Finding the right logo for your business, band and brand is crucial. So, when you’re ready to make a statement without saying a word, our team is here to help hone and own it!



Posters have the power to tell a story in a matter of moments. Start with your great content, mix in the right imagery, add a splash of KARMA INK creativity and watch your message come to life.



The founder isn’t just a creative wiz, he is a rocker who fueled his audiences and that of our clients with fans who saw KARMA INKS! rockin’ flyers. We know what it takes to capture the look, feel, soul of a band or event. Click on to see how strong this work is. And we apologize in advance. We know this will make you want to go to the show, but hey, maybe you can catch the bands next time around.



We all have that one, favorite t-shirt. At KARMA INK!, we have an issue. We can’t pick just one. Great news… neither do you! From designing your original to selling ours, take a look at some inspiring designs. We have created shirts for big bands to event shirts for the likes of Deep Ellum Association in Big D, Texas. We not only help you design, our team can help you print and save along the way, too!



We admit it. We are a little sketchy.  While digital art is the way of the here, now and future, often times we start our designs old school with pencil and paper. So, if you’ve sketch up ideas and don’t know what to do with it from there, we do! Need web art, posters, t-shirts or any any creative promotional gear, we are here! What are you waiting for? Click contact to get started!



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